Elections and the Greek Diaspora in Europe






On May 25th, 2014 elections are to be held for the emergence of a new European Parliament, the unique institution of the European Union directly elected by the people of the member states. These would be the very first elections to be held after the Treaty of Lisbon (2009) by which are deriving a series of significant new powers given to the European Parliament, which will approve -among other things- the future President of the European Commission.

The upcoming elections become of special significance, because- inside the crisis environment-the European citizens are called by their vote to reflect their opinion either about the way EU faced and continues to face the crisis and the countries that have been suffering, or about the results of the non-political integration of the EU.

The fact is that since the outburst of the crisis in the eurozone until today 'Brussels' operated rather in a manner of fear, using accounting and bureaucratic terms – that basically are imposed by Germany as the “Leading force" - driven by its own interests, posing to a serious risk the social cohesion in many countries -member states, but also the very existence of the EU, as well

The lack of vision for an EU politically and economically unified, the bureaucratic concept of the conservative forces in Europe, the member countries at different speeds and the economic crisis are some of the reasons that lead a large number of citizens to skepticism and detachment, which is recorded in the strengthening of the extrimists in several countries, but also some correlations that seek to the dissolution of the existence of the EU

The conservative belief in the EU weakens the foundation of the European idea and prevents Europeans to rise against the international financial system and international assets and to claim measures in order to reduce the democratic deficit.

We, as Socialists, fight for


• a progressive Europe, having at its center the people and not just the economic indicators

• a Europe of its people

• a Europe that braces Democracy,

• a Europe that relies on and struggles for a sustainable development and a green economy

• a Europe that strengthen solidarity and social cohesion

• a Europe that is struggling to assurance equality and justice for all citizens as well.


Main approach to accomplish the Europe of our vision is the active political involvement of all European citizens, that is our participation.

The 500,000 Greeks who live in the EU countries have the opportunity to participate in the elections in a couple of ways: either by the subscription to our special Greek electoral lists in the local Greek Consulates (expiration date for registration March 28th) or by voting parties-of the European Socialist Group in the countries- we live and work.



We invite you to use your democratic right to participate in this elections in any way you wish.


We have been through a long way in Europe and we are not allowed to give up the effort. We, the Europeans of Greek origin, have to contribute to the rescue and strengthen the European integration.


We have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and expand the European vested.


We struggle for the growth of the new generations to live with guarantee of peace on the European continent.


In order to accomplish all this we need strength.